ENLY Design Work

  • ENLY Design - DIY Backdrop

    Ruffled DIY Backdrop

    We are so excited to be featured on Ruffled for our DIY paper backdrop that we created! We are a little bit in love with it. You can see the full post here. Cheers, Read more…

  • ENLY Event Design: Peaches & Cream

    Peaches & Cream

    This past week we were fortunate to collaborate with a local company, Flower Bombers. They’ve been loving on our concept boards lately and wanted to use one as a jumping off point for a new floral design. Thus, our awesome collaboration to create the Peaches & Cream wrap began! We spent the morning at a local […] Read more…


  • ENLY Concept Board - Warm Textures, Modern Vibes

    Warm Textures, Modern Vibes

    Palette: Warm tones of burgandys and plums mixed with soft textures of wool and fabric. Concrete and copper accents to give a few hard lines to the other organic materials. Mood: Organic, soft, flowing, movement, cozy Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Cheers, Read more…

  • ENLY Design - Concept Board

    Soft Geometry

    Palette: A warm burgundy paired with dark forest greens and lighter, warmer hued greens. The black provides a good base to offset the colors. The linear nature of the forms gives structure and rigidity while the materials bring warmth and softness. Mood: Linear, geometric, textural, structured, soft, warm Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Cheers, Read more…

  • Artfully Warm Concept Board | ENLY

    Artfully Warm

    Our last concept board was full of cool summer colors. This week we are changing it up and working with warm tones and splatters of modern designs. Palette: Warm tones. Black is used to contrast and set off the other colors. Pop of yellow. Splatters or bold patterns. Mood: Bold, energetic, flowy, organic Images: 1 / 2 / […] Read more…

  • ENLY Event Design Concept Board - 80s Sweet Dreams

    “Sweet Dreams (are made of this)”

    This weeks concept board found inspiration in the ever so popular 80’s decade. The 80’s were overrun by bold pops of color, outlandish outfits and patterns, and geometric design. How could we not find inspiration in that?! We wanted to take this bold decade and put a modern twist on it! Palette: Bold pops of yellow, peach, and […] Read more…


  • ENLY Quilted Coasters

    Quilted Coasters

    We are stepping up our sewing game this week! Yes, we know the basics of sewing (thanks moms!) but we want to push our techniques and move from beginner to extra special beginner. So testing out a few tricks of the trade plus some fun techniques we’ve seen on pinterest, we whipped up some fun […] Read more…

  • ENLY Event Design - Backdrop

    Geometric Backdrop

    This week we made a quick and easy backdrop to add a little color and pop to our dinner party. I loved the pattern and dimensionality that it created. Enjoy! Cheers, Read more…


  • 01_en_quote_oct

    Quote Me with Sass

    We shared a few graphics we have done for our instagram feed and for our client’s, Bossed Up feed. We had so much fun seeing them all together, we did it again, but with a hint of sass! Cheers, Read more…

  • ENLY Design Quotes

    Quote Me

    For this weeks collection we wanted to share some of the quotes we have designed for our clients and for our own company. Be inspired.   Cheers, Read more…