ENLY Design Work

  • ENLY Event Design: Peaches & Cream

    Peaches & Cream

    This past week we were fortunate to collaborate with a local company, Flower Bombers. They’ve been loving on our concept boards lately and wanted to use one as a jumping off point for a new floral design. Thus, our awesome collaboration to create the Peaches & Cream wrap began! We spent the morning at a local […] Read more…

  • ENLY Event Design: How to Celebrate with a Purpose - Styled Shoot

    Styled Shoot & Smitten Magazine

    We are ecstatic to announce the publication of our spring styled shoot: How to Celebrate With a Purpose, in Smitten Magazine! This shoot was spearheaded by photographer Meigan Canfield out of Breckenridge and ourselves. The focus of this shoot was to showcase sustainable and socially aware practices in the event industry. We collected a team of vendors that considered […] Read more…


  • 01_EN_ConceptBoard_Aug1

    Bold Fun

    As summer is in full swing, fashion is already looking to fall. So why not combine the two? This week, we took bright summer colors and paired them with rich fall tones. Enjoy! Palette: Soft peach and purple pastels, along with a dark, warm purples and rich reds. Hints of black are used to anchor the palette. […] Read more…

  • ENLY Event Design: Concept Board Mid Mod(ern)

    Mid Mod(ern)

    We continued to be inspired by classic mid-mod design and 1950’s and 60’s culture this week as we created Mid Mod(ern). We just love the simplicity, clean lines, and boldness of it all. Obviously, we just can’t get enough! Palette: Soft peach and pink pastels, along with a dusty blue, bold dark green, and neutral whites […] Read more…


  • 01_EN_AUG_Create02c

    White Russian + Coffee Cubes

    Recipe: 1.5 oz vodka / 1 oz coffee liqueur / 2 oz heavy cream Freeze coffee in ice-cube tray. Place ice in a highball glass. Add chilled vodka and coffee liqueur. Pour cream on top. Let cocktail settle on its own or stir with spoon. Enjoy! I created and styled a cocktail based on our most recent […] Read more…

  • ENLY Event Design: Rose Slushy

    Rosé Slushy

    Summer has been brutally hot here in Denver and you just can’t find enough ways to cool down. So when thinking about a cocktail this week, why not make a slushy?! And what’s even better than an ice cold slushy? Well, a rosé slushy! It’s a super simple recipe and one that is so refreshing […] Read more…


  • ENLY | Tablescapes and Dishware

    Blue Tablescapes

    This week I grabbed a few props and dishware to create a tablescape to coordinate with this week’s concept board, Feeling a little Blue. I experimented with fabric from Fancy Tiger Crafts, dishware from our cupboards, paper gems I crafted a few months ago, and a modern menu I whipped up. Boom! Clean, simple, and blue. Cheers, Read more…

  • ENLY | Denver in Black and White

    Denver in Black + White

    Strolling through Denver this week, I was captivated by a few things, like usual – the bridges and skyline. Influenced by this week’s concept board, Minimalistically Bold, I am also testing out a new black and white filter in Photoshop and loving the results! Hit up Get Totally Rad if you are looking for new […] Read more…