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We love using and exploiting the principles of design, especially Repetition, Rhythm, and Pattern. In our most recent backdrop we explored these principles and created this lovely, ombre teal design.

Repetition In art, repetition is the recurrence of a particular line, pattern, shape or other visual element in a single work or a series of works. It is often used to establish authority or meaning for a particular element.

Each individual diamond was hand painted, hole punched, and strung up into a grid system. We used a total of 203 diamonds (…but we painted a bit over our target number. Better safe with extras, a lot of extras!) Although there are various lengths and shades of teal, the consist shape helped create this simple, yet intricate backdrop. Up-close our backdrop can look like there are a lot of little pieces, a lot of noise, but when you step back and place people or props in front of it, the backdrop creates a beautiful color palette to place things against. Like bowls full of ice cream, for that detail shot!

Love this backdrop? We, ENLY, custom create them for weddings, parties, dinners, and what ever else you can think of. Shoot us a message if you want to learn more!


Name Ellie

Photos by Meigan Canfield Photography | Backdrop and Graphic Design by ENLY | Dress from A and Be Bridal Shop | Florals by Boulder Blooms | Ice Cream by High Point Creamery | Cake by Sugar Breck

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