Lattes in the Lounge is a place for us to share things that inspire us and projects that will inspire you. Basically it’s an inspiration blog with a hint of our own ENLY Event Design projects mixed in. Throughout two weeks, if we are on top of our game, you can expect us to explore a new idea. We’ll curate a concept board, dive into a project, and assemble a collection. We’re just going to have fun, dammit!

Inspired: ENLY curated concept boards. Let’s mix and match. Let’s see what colors could work with other colors. Let’s see how different textures, ideas, fonts, feelings, and even shoes influence each other.

Create: A project we create or tried. Let’s be honest. We are not professional mixologists or bakers or even taco makers. We will happily try a project we find on Pinterest or snag a relative’s recipe to experiment with. We will also whip up something new – successful or fail – we will share!

Collection: We are collectors, match makers, and assemblers. With the constraints of the week’s concept board, we find new ways for items to be grouped or showcased. It’s the fine art of Styling and Staging.

Finally, why the name “Lattes in the Lounge” you ask?  We have found that our best ideas, great brainstorming sessions, and time consuming talking tangents are held over drinking coffee (lattes in particular if you noticed).  On a typical work day, you can find us, latte in hand, at a local coffee shop, our home offices, or down in the apartment lounge. Therefore, we decided to share these conversations, sessions, and tangents with you on this type of platform.  So, pull up a chair and grab some coffee.



Editor-Rect-01Ellie, a Midwest girl at heart, is thrilled to live by the mountains and conjure up an awesome event design business with Lyndse.  She loves testing out the new breweries in town, attending the latest underground rap show with friends, creating new cocktails for her fellow apartment dwellers to test, and stress relieving with her pup, Dakota.
Drink of Choice: Soy Latte. 

Editor-Rect-02Lyndse, is a West Coast native, East Coast scholar, world traveler, and itching to visit everywhere in between.  Other than doing all things creative, you can also find her out and about in the mountains, finding new local hangout spots in Denver, joining a pick-up game of volleyball at the park, and of course, sipping lattes with Ellie.
Drink of Choice: Cambric Tea.



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