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Music is something I find that continues to inspire me. Sometimes it is a song itself, but most times it is the artist(s) and their story that keep me coming back. I’ve found a lot of good listening music and inspiring artists through NPR – thank you. One group that you can find me listening to while I work is Doomtree. I throw on the headphones, cancel out all other noise, and bump. They keep my energy up so I can knock out a long list of To Dos. Their newest album, All Hands, is due out on January 27th, 2015, so I found it the perfect time to introduce them on this blog.

Doomtree started as a mess of friends, fooling around after school, trying to make music without reading the manual. The group had varied tastes—rap, punk, indie rock, pop—so the music they made together often bore the toolmarks of several styles. When they had enough songs, they booked some shows. They made friends with the dudes at Kinkos to print up flyers. They burned some CDs to sell. The shows got bigger. Of necessity, Doomtree’s seven members (Cecil Otter, Dessa, Lazerbeak, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S, Paper Tiger, and Sims) figured out how to run a small business. Lazerbeak’s garage became the merchandise warehouse; P.O.S’ mom’s basement became the webstore. A decade and fifty releases later, it’s all properly official—Doomtree is now a real, live label with international distribution—but not too much has changed. Doomtree still partners with people who aren’t jerks. If they can’t find something they need, they make it themselves. Although each member has a career as a solo artist, every so often the whole crew convenes to make a collaborative record as a group.

Yes their music is awesome, that is a fact (…well in my opinion).  Their genre-spanning style and in-depth lyricism has me listening to each album multiple times – on repeat while I work. Although I brag about their music to friends, what really has me attached to them is their story. It is something I go back to when the business side of ENLY has me pulling my hair out. Sadly, Architecture school didn’t teach us how to run a small business from the ground up. So, if a group this diverse can stick together, grow a business from scratch, lock themselves in a cabin to limit distractions as they create music, allow each other to be independent while also coming together as a group, work some of the craziest part-time jobs to make ends meet, and still love their craft, it reminds the grind is worth it in the end. Everything will be OK. We can learn from their story and know there is always light at the end.  We just have to keep pushing, tackle each step as we go, know we will fall at times, and remember why we are doing this.

Here’s a little sampling of their songs… (A line from the song Flex actually helped me form my grad school admission narrative, but we’ll leave that for another post.)

… and Dessa, member of Doomtree, featured on the Tiny Desk.

We’d love to hear what artists/bands are your ‘go-tos’ when you need a kick of inspiration or energy.



Image: Doomtree

White Sands National Monument


Two of my biggest loves in life are traveling and photography.  When the two come together you can be sure that I am loving life at that moment. Let it be said that I am by no means a professional photographer but I love being behind a camera and trying to capture a moment, feeling, or viewpoint. So you will often see me sharing about my recent adventures and travels via photos.

This past December I was lucky enough to road trip down to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite like it and would highly recommend it to anyone passing through the area. It is the largest gypsum dune field in the world with 275 square miles of desert dunes.


They have designated trails but also allow visitors to carve their own path and find their own spot of sand. The sand itself is white as snow, packed down, and cold. (It was December.) Additionally, what appeared to be rock formations turned out to be packed sand that you could literally climb atop of. For most of the day we saw no one, it was just us in a massive expanse of desert sand.

These are a few photos from the road trip spanning from White Sands to Southwest Colorado and back to Denver. Enjoy!






Image(s): Lyndse Yess



What or who is ENLY you may ask? ENLY is an event design company based in Denver, CO. It is run by the ladies of Lattes in the Lounge.  We started the company based on our backgrounds in Interior Architecture, a love for the temporary, and a passion for finding ways in which to use space to create moments and experiences. We wanted to discover new ways to approach design and  strive to create memorable experiences that leave people with a lasting impression. Our inquisitive and creative minds are continually searching to find new and inspiring ways in which to foster and enrich social and community gatherings.

ENLY offers event services from start to finish. We can fill a specific need or walk a client through the entire process of coordination, production, and design. We can plan a clients event, brand it, or come in at the end to bring it all together.

At ENLY, we understand that every event is different and thus every solution and end result will be different.  We don’t just want to focus on colors, theme, and material palette but we also want to examine layouts, functionality, how social interactions will occur, and how the use of spatial elements will enhance the overall experience. Throughout the process of planning and designing for an event we find value in sharing our ideas through visuals, 3-d models, renderings, concept boards, and more so that the client can better understand the vision we have in executing their ideas. In the end, we strive to create memorable experiences that tell a story through tactile and spatial elements.

Check out our website for our full gallery and more information!



Image(s): ENLY

Welcome to Lattes in the Lounge


Welcome!  We are kicking the new year off with the launch of our blog: Lattes in the Lounge. The main editors behind the posts are Ellie Nonemacher and Lyndse Yess, co-founders of ENLY.  The blog was created as an extension of this event design business based in Denver, CO. We will post once a week until we get the hang of this thing. We’ll probably sneak in some extras along the way too. Throughout the next few months we will hone our craft and increase our postings.

This blog creates a place for us to provide an alternate view to mainstream design & event blogs. We are not an industry focused blog with the newest tech gadgets for your next event, nor a business blog showcasing only our own design work, or a blog full of just pretty pictures.  It is a place that allows us to inspire, educate, and inform.  We look to inspire others in new ways by pulling from what has been done and adding our own twist, logic, research, and point of view.  You will find articles and posts about art, design, and the event industry.  Each post creates an opportunity for people to engage and socialize, so we encourage kind, open discussion.

Our main postings will fall into one of these 5 categories.

Design Work | Posts featuring ENLY projects and events.

Inspiration | Posts containing inspiration for the design process.  It will include color palettes, various moods and feelings, fashion, photography, collections, architecture, featured artists, design, and/or music.

Happenings | Posts looking at the event industry.  This will include an educational look at current industry trends, news, and strategies.

Out and About | Field trips! Check out where we have visited, personal travels, and events we attend.

Create | Posts containing DIY projects, tutorials, and just general, fun crafty stuff.

Why the name “Lattes in the Lounge” you ask?  We have found that our best ideas, great brainstorming sessions, and time consuming talking tangents are held over drinking coffee (lattes in particular if you noticed).  On a typical work day, you can find us, latte in hand, at a local coffee shop, our home offices, or down in the apartment lounge. Therefore, we decided to share these conversations, sessions, and tangents with you on this type of platform.  So, pull up a chair and grab some coffee.




Image(s): Lattes in the Lounge

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