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Welcome!  We are kicking the new year off with the launch of our blog: Lattes in the Lounge. The main editors behind the posts are Ellie Nonemacher and Lyndse Yess, co-founders of ENLY.  The blog was created as an extension of this event design business based in Denver, CO. We will post once a week until we get the hang of this thing. We’ll probably sneak in some extras along the way too. Throughout the next few months we will hone our craft and increase our postings.

This blog creates a place for us to provide an alternate view to mainstream design & event blogs. We are not an industry focused blog with the newest tech gadgets for your next event, nor a business blog showcasing only our own design work, or a blog full of just pretty pictures.  It is a place that allows us to inspire, educate, and inform.  We look to inspire others in new ways by pulling from what has been done and adding our own twist, logic, research, and point of view.  You will find articles and posts about art, design, and the event industry.  Each post creates an opportunity for people to engage and socialize, so we encourage kind, open discussion.

Our main postings will fall into one of these 5 categories.

Design Work | Posts featuring ENLY projects and events.

Inspiration | Posts containing inspiration for the design process.  It will include color palettes, various moods and feelings, fashion, photography, collections, architecture, featured artists, design, and/or music.

Happenings | Posts looking at the event industry.  This will include an educational look at current industry trends, news, and strategies.

Out and About | Field trips! Check out where we have visited, personal travels, and events we attend.

Create | Posts containing DIY projects, tutorials, and just general, fun crafty stuff.

Why the name “Lattes in the Lounge” you ask?  We have found that our best ideas, great brainstorming sessions, and time consuming talking tangents are held over drinking coffee (lattes in particular if you noticed).  On a typical work day, you can find us, latte in hand, at a local coffee shop, our home offices, or down in the apartment lounge. Therefore, we decided to share these conversations, sessions, and tangents with you on this type of platform.  So, pull up a chair and grab some coffee.




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