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Fresh and Sweet

February always brings around sweet pinks and floral patterns, but we are changing it up with an edgy take on a typical valentine’s concept board.

PalettePastel pink with bold pops of poppy and dark plum. Everything balanced out with neutral white, gray, and black.

Mood: Edgy, moody, composed

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Bold and Bright

We are kicking off the new year with some bold colors and fresh patterns.

PaletteShades of Teal and Poppy with pops of pastel pink and bright orange. Sharp patterns and textures.

Mood: Edgy, Tropical, Refreshing

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Warm Textures, Modern Vibes

ENLY Concept Board - Warm Textures, Modern Vibes

Palette: Warm tones of burgandys and plums mixed with soft textures of wool and fabric. Concrete and copper accents to give a few hard lines to the other organic materials.

Mood: Organic, soft, flowing, movement, cozy

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Name Ellie

Soft Geometry

ENLY Design - Concept Board

Palette: A warm burgundy paired with dark forest greens and lighter, warmer hued greens. The black provides a good base to offset the colors. The linear nature of the forms gives structure and rigidity while the materials bring warmth and softness.

Mood: Linear, geometric, textural, structured, soft, warm

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Artfully Warm

Artfully Warm Concept Board | ENLY

Our last concept board was full of cool summer colors. This week we are changing it up and working with warm tones and splatters of modern designs.

Palette: Warm tones. Black is used to contrast and set off the other colors. Pop of yellow. Splatters or bold patterns.

Mood: Bold, energetic, flowy, organic

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Name Ellie

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