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Mid Mod(ern)

ENLY Event Design: Concept Board Mid Mod(ern)

We continued to be inspired by classic mid-mod design and 1950’s and 60’s culture this week as we created Mid Mod(ern). We just love the simplicity, clean lines, and boldness of it all. Obviously, we just can’t get enough!

Palette: Soft peach and pink pastels, along with a dusty blue, bold dark green, and neutral whites and creams.

Mood: Soft, subtle, shapely, linear, geometric. This weeks board is a more subtle and softer take than a “Vintage Refresh” from last week. It focuses on the mix of subdued tones coming together with a bold pop of green here and there. The boldness comes in the shapes and structure of each of the elements.

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Cucumber Gin Lemonade

01_EN_Create0101_EN_Create04 01_EN_Create03 01_EN_Filler

Recipe: 1.5 oz of Whistling Andy cucumber gin / Sparkling lemonade (we used Trader Joes) / Pink Lemons / Fresh Rosemary

Fill glasses with ice. Add gin and top off with lemonade. Squeeze in a bit of fresh lemon to add an extra kick. Garnish with lemon wedge and rosemary. Drink and enjoy!!

01_EN_Create02 Happy Weekend my fellow cocktail makers!

Name Ellie

Vintage Refresh


Looking to the past for inspiration this week. While reviewing a few trends from the 1950s, here is a modern color palette and concept for today’s parties.

Mood: Modern, Clean, Simple, Fresh Outlook, Thriving, Daring

Palette: Pastels (light pink, yellow, green) paired with vibrant yellow, deep green, and black. Look to create a marked contrast between colors. Pull a few of your neutral/base colors from nature to balance out the pastels and vibrant tones.

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Name Ellie

Gin + Honey Cocktail

ENLY Event Design | Bee's KneesENLY Event Design | Bee's Knees ENLY Event Design | Bee's Knees

Recipe: 2 oz. of gin (Hendrick’s) / .75 oz. of honey / 1/2 of a lemon

Fill shaker with gin, honey, and lemon. Stir first to mix ingredients. Shake to chill. Strain over glass full of ice. Sip and enjoy!

ENLY Event Design | Bee's Knees

This “great for brunch” cocktail is my take on the simple Bee’s Knees drink. Reducing the honey reveals the flavorful, floral gin – especially in the Hendricks gin. I went super local, so to speak, and just bought honey from next door at Trader Joe’s, but I can only assume this drink gets better with fresh honey or locally made with various flavors and rich-nesses.


Name Ellie

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