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Fresh and Light

Crisp Yellows and Oranges

ENLY Event Design | Crisp Yellows and Oranges

We are trying to leave winter behind us, so to get us in the mood, here are some warm spring tones and fresh fruits. Enjoy!

Mood: Modern, Citrus, Simple, Circular, Fresh Outlook, Spring, Thriving, Crisp

Palette: Explosion of warm tones from red-orange to citrus green. Balanced with white and cream neutrals.

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Name Ellie

Modern 50s

ENLY Event Design | Concept Board

Looking to the past for inspiration this week. The mix of Pinks/Corals with Blues/Greens gives a hint of the 1950s with a modern twist.

Mood: Modern, Clean, Simple, Circular, Fresh Outlook, Spring, Thriving, Daring

Palette: Mid-century inspired. Large green foliage. Shades from pink to teal. Metal accents of copper and gold.

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Name Ellie


ENLY Event Design | Concept Board

With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner, a modern and green concept board was a must.

Mood: Modern, Clean, Simple, Geometric, Circular, Fresh, Spring, Thriving

Palette: Geometric shapes, especially circles where key focal points are needed. Shades of cool spring greens balanced with warm oranges and peach. Organic elements such has flora, ivy, cactus, etc.modern

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Name Ellie

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