Lattes in the Lounge

Moody and Neutral

Warm Textures, Modern Vibes

ENLY Concept Board - Warm Textures, Modern Vibes

Palette: Warm tones of burgandys and plums mixed with soft textures of wool and fabric. Concrete and copper accents to give a few hard lines to the other organic materials.

Mood: Organic, soft, flowing, movement, cozy

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Name Ellie

Gin + Honey Cocktail

ENLY Event Design | Bee's KneesENLY Event Design | Bee's Knees ENLY Event Design | Bee's Knees

Recipe: 2 oz. of gin (Hendrick’s) / .75 oz. of honey / 1/2 of a lemon

Fill shaker with gin, honey, and lemon. Stir first to mix ingredients. Shake to chill. Strain over glass full of ice. Sip and enjoy!

ENLY Event Design | Bee's Knees

This “great for brunch” cocktail is my take on the simple Bee’s Knees drink. Reducing the honey reveals the flavorful, floral gin – especially in the Hendricks gin. I went super local, so to speak, and just bought honey from next door at Trader Joe’s, but I can only assume this drink gets better with fresh honey or locally made with various flavors and rich-nesses.


Name Ellie

Denver in Black + White

ENLY | Denver in Black and White ENLY | Denver in Black and White ENLY | Denver in Black and White ENLY | Denver in Black and White ENLY | Denver in Black and White

Strolling through Denver this week, I was captivated by a few things, like usual – the bridges and skyline. Influenced by this week’s concept board, Minimalistically Bold, I am also testing out a new black and white filter in Photoshop and loving the results! Hit up Get Totally Rad if you are looking for new ideas.


Name Ellie

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