Lattes in the Lounge


Table for Two

We are planning ahead. Yes, it is still winter, but spring is right around the corner! To get you in the mood and thinking about the warm, fresh air of springtime, here is our take on a colorful, bold, elegant and chic sweat-heart table. Remember the couple should stand out more than the décor, so it is ok to pull back and add in only the key pieces to style a dinner.

To see more of this shoot, we have the full feature on Style Shoot & Smitten Magazine.

Credits // Design, Staging, & Styling: ENLY Event Design | Photography: Meigan Canfield | Floral: Boulder Blooms | Invitations: Paper Plates Press | Cake: Sugar Breck | Ice Cream Truck: Mile High Creamery | Hair: My Hair Trip | Makeup: Alli B | Model: Lindsey Gallagher & Trey Downey | Dresses: A&Be Bridal | Dress Designers: Rebecca Schoneveld | Jewelry: Purpose Jewelry | Ring: Bucura Designs | Venue: Blanc

Crisp Yellows and Oranges

ENLY Event Design | Crisp Yellows and Oranges

We are trying to leave winter behind us, so to get us in the mood, here are some warm spring tones and fresh fruits. Enjoy!

Mood: Modern, Citrus, Simple, Circular, Fresh Outlook, Spring, Thriving, Crisp

Palette: Explosion of warm tones from red-orange to citrus green. Balanced with white and cream neutrals.

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Name Ellie


ENLY Event Design | Concept Board

With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner, a modern and green concept board was a must.

Mood: Modern, Clean, Simple, Geometric, Circular, Fresh, Spring, Thriving

Palette: Geometric shapes, especially circles where key focal points are needed. Shades of cool spring greens balanced with warm oranges and peach. Organic elements such has flora, ivy, cactus, etc.modern

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Name Ellie

Concept Board: Bright Autumn

Concept Board | ENLY Event Design

Mood: Organic yet constrained, long lines, bold, minimalistic

Palette: Citrus colors, transparent or translucent materials, bold warm tones mixed with cooler neutrals, bold fonts primary fonts with secondary sans serif fonts

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Name Ellie